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A lot of thick smoke. Juicy tastes of flavors. The new hookah legend...

Hoob Custom


Individually designed hookahs produces on modern CNC machines. Custom orders are placed as follows:

  1. Add Hoob Custom hookah and accessories you like to cart
  2. Checkout order
  3. Get email confirmation letter
  4. We contact you to discuss details of custom design
  5. We develop design project for your custom hookah. As a result you'll receive 3D model to confirm hookah design. It costs $100. This payment is included in the total cost of the hookah calculated in the online store
  6. Next step is production. Usually it takes 1 month to produce custom hookah. Production starts after 50% advance payment
  7. When hookah is done, we send you real photos of hookah and ship it after receiving balance payment

Send us a message to if you have any questions.

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  • Hoob Custom

    Hookah Configurator
    Configure your unique hookah set

    Modern compact hookah made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Extraordinary minimalistic design specially for you. Perfect for everyday or professional use.

    • Custom Design engineered individually
    • Unique Hookah Technologies
    • Health Safe Materials
    • Comfort and Easy-to-use
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